Working among the fields of architecture, landscaping, interior and product design, we develop from our offices in Madrid and Delft spaces that combine sensitivities, appreciating the vernacular and everyday, as much as the audacious and innovative. Different scales of design, convivial, committed and cheerful, providing new and intense user experiences.

Enrique Krahe (Madrid, 1970) was trained as an architect in the ETSA Madrid, as well as the IU Venezia and EA Paris Val de Marne. Since 2000 runs Enrique Krahe Arquitectos in Madrid (ES), and since 2008 also in Delft (NL), carrying out a great variety of projects both on its own and in temporary association.

He has also developed a research and theoretical career, started as staff of the magazine AV and followed as co-editor of the magazine Oeste of contemporary culture. He has taught Architectural Design at different Universities as regular staff or through workshops as invited lecturer: UCJC Madrid [ES], Iberoamericana de Puebla [MX], IUC Barcelona [ES], SA Merida [ES], NTNU Trondheim [NO]. His works and projects have been published in specialised media and exhibited in the VIII Biennial of Spanish Architecture, Freshmadrid, XI Mostra di Architettura di Venezia, or VI Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism.

The work of Enrique Krahe has been recognized with numerous awards from different fields, including: 1st Prize Europan 9, Runner-Up Europan 8, X Award Lamp Lighting Solutions 2010, Honourable Mention Europan 10, Energiespareprisen Trondheim 2012, Dionisio Hernández Gil Award 2006, Award of Mention IALD 2012, Nominee Statens Byggekikkpris 2012, COADE Award 2013.


Aránzazu Montero, Jesús Isla Fernández, Joaquin Longhi Díaz, Beatriz González Lazo

Alejandro Aguirre de Cárcer, Carlos Brage, Verónica Carreño, Edith Cherloaba, Alexandra Delgado, Laura Delgado, Agnes Diakite-Flocault, Enrique Espinosa, María Solange Faria, Lucía Fernández, Anna Ferreira, Benjamin Ferrer, Jeremiah Fisher, Sara Gatto, Katerina Georgieva, Diana Hernández, Ludwig Jahn, Marco Krahe, Violante Krahe, Raquel Limeres, Belén López, Isabel Melero, Henar Molinero, Borja Nieto, Ruth Nieves, Ana Palencia, Cristina Palmero, Verónica Paradinas, Javier de Paz, David Pérez, Clara Porto, Leticia Rodríguez, Javier Sanz-Viveros, Leticia Yagüez, Francisco Yáñez, Jaime Ynduráin.